The Cottage Pharmacy Team

Why Choose Us?

Our pharmacists are passionate about providing the highest level of customised care to each individual patient. For every compound, we complete a risk assessment analysis and take the time to obtain detailed information from the patient or their carer. We work closely with patients and their prescribing doctor to find solutions to give the best possible therapeutic outcomes.

Other reasons to choose The Cottage Pharmacy for your compounding include:

  • All our staff have comprehensive training in the latest compounding techniques available.
  • We are continually improving our knowledge by regularly attending seminars, training courses, and other formal compounding continuing education programs to ensure our education is on-going and up to date.
  • We have a continuous quality improvement program and test our compounded products for potency to ensure our technique is accurate and provides consistency in preparations.
  • We have protocols for all aspects of compounding.
  • We educate our patients on the use of their compounded medication, the expected beneficial effects and potential side effects or any safety issues that may be associated with the product.
  • We review each patient’s current medications along with any compounded preparations
  • We are a member of PCCA and use tested formulas and pharmaceutical ingredients that meet BP or USP standards
  • We love what we do! We take pride in our service and we love helping our patients (and their pets!) to achieve the best health outcome possible.