The Cottage - Compounding Pharmacists - Jim Green

About Jim Green

B. Pharm, PhC

Jim has been in the pharmacy industry for over 45 years and has provided exceptional family care and service to Geelong residents throughout this time. He has experience in hospital and retail pharmacy, and established the well-known Jim Green’s Pharmacy in 1973. After operating this pharmacy for many years and building a loyal customer base, Jim founded the Myers St Family Medical Practice in April 2004, an amalgamation of numerous smaller private and bulk-billing practices around the community with the goal of bringing a diverse range of general practitioners and allied health professionals together into one centre. This has expanded into the Geelong Medical Health Group, incorporating facilities in Geelong and Grovedale and Qutis Skin Clinic, a GP-based skin cancer treatment and management centre. Jim was the chairman of a prostate cancer research company, Minomic, for three years, and is currently involved in a company researching and developing new testing methods for several types of cancer.

: B. Pharm, PhC
Speciality: Business Executive
Experience: Over 45 Years