The Cottage - Compounding Pharmacists - Alex Green

About Alexandra Green

B. Pharm, Dip Form Chem

Alex has been a qualified pharmacist for 20 years and has completed a diploma in formulation chemistry. She has comprehensive training in compounding and has completed specialised courses in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and pain management. She has gained a considerable experience in diverse segments of pharmacy in Australia and the UK, including working in hospital, retail and boutique pharmacies specialising in compounding. Alex is passionate about helping others, and believes to achieve your best in any area of life requires a balance of physical, mental and emotional health and well-being. The inspiration for opening the Cottage Pharmacy comes from her passion to assist each individual to find solutions to their own health and wellness needs, and to provide the highest quality advice and service possible.

: B. Pharm, Dip Form Chem
Speciality: Bio Identical Hormone Restoration Therapy, Pain Management, Cosmeceuticals
Experience: Over 20 Years